Heater Repair & Maintenance

New Unit Installation

When the time comes to purchase a new heater – our team will make the process easy, stress free.  We offer free estimates to conduct a review of you current HVAC unit, from there we conduct a visual inspection of the ductwork which allow us to provide an honest and accurate estimate.  Let us help you determine what the best option is when it comes to staying warm during the colder seasons of the year.

From oil furnaces to heat pumps and gas – we complete installation on each of these.  Let us come to you and we can fix the issues which are affecting the performance of the unit or provide options on installing a new unit which offers all the comfort your heater should provide.  You can also feel good that we are able to work with most budgets to keep costs within your range.

The winter can vary in El Paso from very nice to very harsh pretty fast.  Sitting in a cold house does not provide for a warm and cozy feeling, and can be a tough experience.  When that first blast of cold comes in – you want to be able to flip the switch and enjoy the warmth a well-maintained heater provides.  The summer months mean lots of air-conditioned homes and there are instances where prepping for the winter does not always happen – for this very reason, it is important to regularly maintain your unit and Iceland Refrigeration can help.

Heater Repair & Maintenance

When you reach out to us – we can come and perform services from installing new filters and clean or replace parts which are important to keeping your unit running smooth.  Our team of field technicians will also address any possible malfunctions.  We can work to have the unit up-and-running at peak performance for remainder the cold season.  Preventing breakdown and extending the useful life of the unit and our technicians provide a great experience to each client.

Call us today at 915-799-3154 and one of our friendly team members can help with that.  We work to schedule a time that works best for you.  Our long hours M-F are 8:00 AM – 6:00 PM and Saturday from 8:00 AM to 2:00 PM – we have a time that works for you.

We offer free estimates on all residential work.